A Bollywood Tail Angel Gostosa Jasmine Sherni Chris Diamond Zane Walker full video

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A Bollywood Tail Angel Gostosa Jasmine Sherni Chris Diamond Zane Walker full video

When couple Jasmine & Zane get invited to a South Asian party, they are excited & nervous! Her roomie, Angel was not invited and her displeasure is palpable – but her boyfriend Chris finds a way to console her, at least momentarily. The pre-party jitters infect both Jasmine & Zane – leading to some highly questionable infidelity & someone losing out on the party of a lifetime!

A Bollywood Tail Angel Gostosa Jasmine Sherni Chris Diamond Zane Walker

A Bollywood Tail, Angel Gostosa, Jasmine Sherni, Chris Diamond, Zane Walker

Pretty and petite Angel Gostosa celebrated her eighteenth birthday by launching her career in porn, and following several months of posting raunchy pictures of herself online and performing sexy solos, she officially joined the adult industry. The curly-haired spinner recalls feeling nervous on her flight over to LA from her native Virginia to shoot her first scene in front of the camera, but she aced it! With a softly spoken voice, gentle mannerisms, and a quirky personality, Angel is a joy to be around. The gorgeous nymph prefers being dominated, saying that she loves being tied up and getting creampied. When Angel isn’t busy fucking on set, she can be found working out at the gym, watching anime, and hanging out with her friends. The all-natural beauty also masturbates every day! Don’t miss out on watching Angel deepthroating her way to porn stardom! Check her out in the scenes below.

Bold and beautiful porn princess Jasmine Sherni has successfully turned her passion and interest in exploring her sexuality into a glowing career. The burlesque-loving babe considers herself to be both dominant and submissive in the bedroom, and she is open to trying anything kinky! Even when the cameras stop rolling and Jasmine is officially off-duty, the horny nymph still has dick and pussy on her mind, and she likes to attend group sex parties where she can further experiment and reclaim her “body and her pleasure” as her own. When Louisiana native Jasmine isn’t working her sexy ass off in front of the camera or getting her juicy pussy drilled for the fun of it, the curvaceous stunner likes to travel, eat Vietnamese food, and do yoga. The all-natural beauty also occasionally brings out her creative side by reading and writing poetry as well as painting. Check out vivacious beauty Jasmine in her exquisite scenes below!

When asked about his guilty pleasures, Spanish stud Chris Diamond gave a simple answer: “Sugar and lots of sex!” When he’s not busy indulging in some sugar, spice, and everything nice, though, you can probably find him at the gym working on his fitness. It’s no coincidence that Chris named himself after a precious gemstone, after all: not only is the man hung like a champion, he’s also cut like a diamond! Add his sexy Spanish accent and model-caliber good looks into the mix, and it’s easy to understand why ladies have been banging his door down for years. So whether a starlet loves six-pack abs, a big swingin’ dick, or the kind of smile that could melt even the iciest of hearts, Chris Diamond has everything it takes to get women wet! From fresh-faced teen spinners to the bustiest MILF in the business, Chris is ready to get hard as a Diamond and do his thing, so check out his work, right here!

Former door-to-door salesman Zane Walker can charm the pants off anyone – literally! His desirable charm, handsome looks, and attractive swagger will leave you wanting to see more of the Chicago native. Zane’s favorite sex scene involves sloppy blowjobs and having threesomes with two beautiful, petite ladies who are in good shape, and when he isn’t getting balls deep in pussy, the athletic stud likes to work on improving his health and physique by lifting weights, swimming, and playing basketball. Zane also considers himself to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, and he loves setting off on adventures and doing spontaneous activities that get his blood pumping! When the dark-haired cutie has a moment to spare, he likes to relax by cooking and playing video games. Watch Zane in hot action right here!